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Angular Webpack Starter

Angular starter for anyone looking to get up and running with Angular and TypeScript fast. Using a Webpack 4 for building our files and assisting with boilerplate. We're also using Protractor for our end-to-end story and Karma for our unit tests.


  • Ahead of Time (AoT) compiler
  • Tree shaking support to automatically remove unused code
  • Testing Angular code with Jasmine and Karma
  • Coverage with Istanbul and Karma
  • Static checks with TsLint and Codelyzer
  • End-to-end Angular app testing using Protractor
  • Type manager with @types
  • Hot Module Replacement with Webpack
# clone our repo
# --depth 1 removes all but one .git commit history
git clone --depth 1
cd angular-starter
npm install
# start the server
npm start
# use Hot Module Replacement
npm run server:dev:hmr


Handpicked Collection of starter boilerplates for your next side-project, be it with React, Vue, Node, Meteor, Backbone etc.

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