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Ember CLI

Ember CLI is the official command line utility used to create, build, serve, and test Ember.js apps and addons.

It provides a consistent project structure, a powerful addon system, and a fast Broccoli-powered build pipeline. Whether you are looking for a zero-config experience or the ability to make your own customizations, Ember CLI has the tools you need.


npm install -g ember-cli

ember new my-new-app

cd my-new-addon
ember build
ember serve


  • Asset build pipeline using Broccoli.js
  • ES6 transpilation using Babel
  • Project structure conventions using ES6 module syntax
  • Development server including live-reload and API proxy
  • File/Project generator using blueprints
  • Unit, Integration and Acceptance test support using Testem
  • Powerful addon system for extensibility

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